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Texas Child Care Connection Launch Continues in August
Texas Child Care Connection (TX3C) is a TWC project underway to replace the current Child Care Case Management system with a modern, user-friendly, intuitive application. TWC is working with KinderSystems to build out the functionality for the new Child Care system.  
New features include:  
Statewide Application for Child Care Financial Assistance   
Mobile and Tablet based attendance tracking (no more swipe cards!)  
Enhanced functionality on the Child Care Availability Portal for providers to update profiles

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Upcoming Milestones for Child Care Providers
The TX3C project completed phase one and is currently on the implementation of phase two. This project is being implemented in the following planned releases:   
Phase one: Automated attendance went live May 17, 2023 
Phase two: Case management scheduled release October 1, 2023  

Upcoming Events

We are pleased to share useful updates to the Availability Portal to better serve both child care providers and parents: 
No more passwords! Login with a code sent to your email 
Note: Login code may go to spam or junk folders  
New features to market your program:   
Enhanced program highlights and descriptions fields for your profile. 

Allow families to schedule tours at your facility 
Share information about your curriculum 
Provide available openings by age group 
You can see these features in action by viewing the virtual webinar available here: Texas Child Care Availability Portal Provider Training Video. If you have questions, we are also offering virtual office hours this week.
Virtual Office Hours: 
Topic: Texas Availability Portal
When: 8/9/2023 12-1pm Central
Please click the link below to join the webinar:
Or Telephone dial: 669-900-9128 Webinar ID: 863 0529 2279 
Topic: Texas Availability Portal
When: 8/10/2023 6-7:30pm Central
Please click the link below to join the webinar: 
Or Telephone dial: 669-444-9171 Webinar ID: 851 6139 4550 

Project  Updates

Email Access Resolved

On July 14, 2023, an announcement about the Texas Child Care Availability Portal was sent to all licensed child care providers in Texas. After this announcement was sent out, an issue with provider emails was discovered which prevented many child care providers from accessing the portal.  
That email issue has been resolved. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I go to get educational materials on the new systems? 

Prepare for using KinderConnect, KinderSign and KinderSmart by attending a webinar. Visit to view available webinar times and other educational materials.  

 What if I don’t have a tablet yet?  

If you have responded to the survey email sent from, we are working on getting a tablet to you or helping you set up using your supported center management system (CMS). TWC uses the email provided from HHSC Child Care Regulation—if your email is incorrect in their records, this may delay your registration in the TX3C program. 

What if I haven’t answered a survey, or I don’t remember if I have answered it?  

lease send an email to with your license number and name of your center.  

What are the tablets going to be used for? 
Parents will use the tablets to enter child attendance in TX3C (powered by KinderConnect). Currently, tablets are only distributed to Child Care Providers who do not have a CMS. 

What if I responded to the survey that I needed a tablet, but I haven’t received a tablet yet?  

Tablets were shipped to providers who said they weren’t using a Center Management System (CMS) based on how many Child Care Services (CCS)/subsidy children they had in care. Shipment started with providers who have 25 or more CCS/subsidy children in care and continues by number of children served.  

I am a child care provider and have a Child Care Management System (CMS) that I use for all my parents to enter child attendance. Can I still use this method for my subsidy/CCS parents?

Yes. The new system, KinderConnect, can communicate with your CMS, as long as your CMS vendor has this configured on their end. The CMS vendors currently supported by KinderConnect are:  
ChildCare Sage
Daycare Works
Early Learning Ventures
Schoolcare Works
If your CMS isn’t listed above, you can request that your CMS vendor look into making this connection with KinderConnect email 

I use my CMS for tracking attendance but enter it myself as I don’t have a tablet for parents to use. Can I continue that practice?  

No. Child care providers and staff are not allowed to enter attendance on behalf of CCS/subsidy parents per Child Care Rule §809.95 (1)(B). If you are a provider in this situation, who has a supported CMS listed in the table above, please send an email with your license number and the CMS you are using to  

What do I do once I receive my tablet?  

Once you receive your tablet, use the registration code sent to the email you listed in your survey response to set up. You may have received the registration code email before, or after, you get your tablet. If you are having issues with your registration code, please email
Additional resources on using your new tablet, as well as webinars, are available at Texas 3C Information Site – Information for the Child Care Connection (

When do parents have to start using the tablet for attendance?  

The tablet should be made available to parents as soon as it is set up and ready. CCS/subsidy families should begin using the new attendance collection process as soon as possible. Collection of child attendance data is a requirement of the CCS program. 
Can I use the tablet for anything thing else? 
No. The tablet will come preloaded with software for the new attendance system and will be locked from any other applications.  

Can I keep the tablet for my center to use if I stop accepting subsidy/CCS children? 

No, the tablets are the property of the Texas Workforce Commission. If you have an agreement with a Local Workforce Development Board to serve CCS/subsidy children, the tablet will remain with your facility for attendance. The tablets can only be used for attendance data entry with KinderConnect. 

Will I get more than one tablet if I have a large center? 

Providers with 25 or more children, who do not currently have a CMS for attendance, will be the first to receive tablets. Only one tablet will be initially shipped out, but if more tablets are needed, the provider can request additional tablets based on their CCS/subsidy enrollment or offsite/transportation needs. Please email 

How can I learn how to use the new system?  

Additional resources on using your new tablet, as well as webinars, are available at the TX3C Information Site—Information for the Texas Child Care Connection (

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